CA Group Limited has completed work on the new headquarters facility for one of the world’s leading motorsport and technology businesses, Prodrive.

The 110,000 sq ft structure, which was delivered together with developer db symmetry, formerly Barwood, is located alongside the M40 in Banbury, just half a mile south of junction 11 and has been designed to provide the flexibility to develop both the motorsport and advanced technology parts of the business together in one location.

Showcasing the latest innovations in cladding and roofing design, the development incorporates CA Group’s Quantum curved roof, which enhances the aesthetic of the build at no extra cost. The addition of a curved roof can also have the ability to reduce energy bills and CO2 emissions, as they can lower the amount of ‘dead space’ that needs to be heated within a building.

In-plane rooflights have been installed virtually from eaves to eaves reducing the lighting requirement within the building by minimising shadows and maximising natural daylight.

Chris Walkingshaw, facilities manager for Prodrive, explained: “The new headquarters, which has been developed using the latest construction technology and techniques, has been delivered in a few short months and the result showcases British manufacturing at its best. We are looking forward to having all our motorsport and advanced technology businesses under one roof for the very first time, in such a modern facility.”

Twin-Therm®, a fully-walkable cost effective solution from CA Building Products, was selected for the roof and walls. Twin-Therm® successfully addresses the issue of water ingress, one of the biggest hidden costs, by eliminating the use of fasteners, which penetrate the system from the outside to the inside of the building. The system comes with a meaningful 25-year guarantee.

The development benefits from the inclusion of robust, thermally efficient detailing which has been proven to mitigate the ‘heat sink’ effect – the loss of energy from the inside to the outside of the building, via poorly designed flashings, gutters, junctions and interfaces.

Stuart Brown, Project Development Manager for CA Group, added: “Prodrive has built a reputation on delivering world class design and cutting edge technology and we are extremely proud to be able to deliver the building that will house and protect this technology for years to come.”

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Tuesday, May 12th, 2015